Seasonal Scents

My Happy Place

A BBW duplicate of 1000 Wishes, sure to be a Best Seller with notes of Star Fruit, Peach, and Warm Sweet Musk, this will take you to your Happy Place!

Wild Idaho

Saddle up Pardner! This is a nice rugged scent with notes of aged saddle leather, tumbleweeds and woodsy musk. What a Louis L’amour  book would smell like!

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Back by popular demand, if you had cool parents they bought you the good cereal like Froot Loops and you indulge while watching cartoons on Saturday morning!

Skipping Rocks

A great springy scent with notes of sparkling champagne, golden Quince, (whatever that is?) twinkling star fruit and much more!

Smurfettes Secret Garden

Whisk away to a secret garden filled with Lilac Blooms, soft spring air and dewey greens, you will love spending time with Smurfette in her secret garden!

Our Everyday Scents

Basic Bitch

The aroma of the Diva! Sea Salt and Orchid, What every Princess should smell like.

Day Drinker

Not saying we do it, but if we did we know it would be the refreshing scent of Citrus Agave.

Did You Just Shit in my Bathroom?

Nice COCO MANGO scent to replace any foul odor.

Grocery Store Pine Cones

You know what I am talking about! Makes me love coming and going from the grocery store.

I Smell Hippies

The good old smell of Hippies burning Patchouli! We hunted long for a good patchouli scent and we found it with this!

I’m Your Huckleberry

A special blend, you will think you are sniffing a handful of fresh huckleberries.

Jolliest Bunch of Drunkards

Iced cranberry with a twist

Just Freaking Vanilla

What can we say, try to come up with a catchy vanilla name

Life Gave Me Lemongrass

Soft citrus notes of lemongrass and ginger. A nice clean scent

Morning Wood

Nice masculine scent of Axe and Flannel

My Boyfriends Shirt

Nice clean masculine scent, fresh and sexy!

Pumpkin Spice Slut

No description. 🙁

Rhinestone Cowboy

Cashmere and Cedar, great all around scent. One of our personal favorites!


Think about sipping Pina Colodas on a Cruise ship!

Sit On My Face

Our best seller! The rugged scent of Cedar Cashmere.

The Owyhees

Soft but rugged aroma of sycamore and sage, just like the Owyhees

The Sawtooths

Unique icy pine aroma, reminds us of the Iconic Idaho mountains


Clean and musky, very nice designer scent

Trophy Wife

Beautiful and soft just like you! Amber Noir with a complex base note of tobacco

Vintage Soul

Ricky, a nice handsome fresh tobacco scent

Wash Your Squatch

If you catch one you will need to scrub it down and enjoy a proper clean breeze scent like this one.

Whitey Tighties

Fresh out of the washing machine for a pleasing clean laundry scent.

WTF Did You Eat?

A nice Coco Mango scent

Take Me Gnome Country Road

Inspired by all our Gnomies out there! This is a down gnome delicious Hot Apple Pie scent! Just like mamma Gnome baked it herself.